The doshas: Introduction to dosha and constitution types

The term dosha describes the three different life-energies, Vata, Pitta and Kapha which give the person his individual constitution (prakriti) and regulate his physical and mental function. Every human being has all three doshas though in different proportions. The doshas arise from the combination of the five elements - ether, air, fire, water and earth.

Vata = air + ether          Pitta = fire + water          Kapha = water + earth

The constitution of an individual is determined by the time of conception, the state of the doshas of the parents, and other factors and remains unchanged throughout life. With the help of pulse diagnosis, the Prakriti (individual constitution) or the individual state of the doshas can be determined.

There are seven different types of constitution:

Deviations of the individual constitution are to be regarded as disturbances (Vikriti) and can be caused for example by travel, climate change, stress or poor diet. Longer-term imbalances in the doshas have a negative impact on health and then appear as disease symptoms. The doshas also determine to a large extent our body type and character and our abilities, intelligence, appearance, etc.

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