Vata represents the movement (symbol: Antelope). Vata is responsible for willpower, for inspiration and expiration, sharpness of the senses, the balance of the tissues and  transmission of  nerve impulses.

People with strong Vata are light weight and a light body build, are full with new ideas and full of creative energy. They have a very sensitive nervous system. Since they are physically and mentally more active, they do not rest easily. They are generally less resistant to stress.

Some characteristics of Vata in the balanced state:

Typical causes of Vata disorders:

Typical symptoms due to excessive Vata are weight loss, dry skin, nervousness, fear, joint pains, forgetfulness, restlessness and overall reduction in performance.

In case of Vata disturbance or Vata aggravating food we suggest you to add Vata Spice Harmony Blend to your food.