About us:

Serving your Health and Spirit joyfully through Ayurveda Spice Harmony

Mata Urmila Devi, the creative spirit behind “Spice-Harmony” and Bhartiyam Ltd, unites a unique combination of Spirituality, Music, Poetry as well as Ayurveda and Gourmet Cuisine. She has been serving the health of the society giving Stress Management, ethics in business talks and workshops, concerts, and promoting Ayurveda since early 1990s. She was raised in the rich spiritual and Ayurveda tradition of India. Having traveled extensively across the world, working for the Art of Living Foudation as one of the most senior teachers, she found the different climates, cuisines, time-zones, and daily routines very challenging. This evoked the thought to incorporate the Ayurveda knowledge of herbs and spices in the diet to balance the bio-energies (called Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and to maintain the harmony of body and mind.

Seeing the effects of the ayurvedic herbs and spices, the vision came up to share with others this knowledge and joy in an easy and simple manner. So, together with a team of experts in India and Switzerland, she started developing the products of Spice-Harmony in the year 2009. In many steps of research and development these spice and herb blends were created for your delight and to support your well-being through this ancient holistic science.

Mata Urmila Devi

SPICE HARMONY - Authentic Ayurveda by Bhartiyam, Mata Urmila Devi, Germany